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Viale Premuda 46
20129 Milano


Tuesday- Friday : 11 am - 1.30 pm / 2.30 - 7 pm
Saturday: 3 - 7 pm



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The act of drinking a Coke by yourself is the lowest form of art

Opening 31.03.2017, 6 PM

Until 27.05.2017

@ Fonderia Artistica Battaglia

Via Stilicone, 10

20154 Milano

opening hours: Thu-Sat 3-7pm and by appointment


Micol Assaël

Neïl Beloufa

Cezary Bodzianowski

Adam Gordon

João Maria Gusmão + Pedro Paiva

Gavin Kenyon

Victor Man

Loïc Raguénès

Pietro Roccasalva

Michael Sailstorfer

Hans Schabus

Cally Spooner

Yuri Ancarani


La malattia del ferro


23.04.2017 - 05.06.2017

Stiftung Insel Hombroich, Neuss, Germany


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