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Jeppe Hein
22.09.2006, 1PM
Until 20-10-2006

To the Top
solo show "FONTANE"
installation view

stainless steel, pump, magnetic ventil, pipes, tubes, sensor, isopropylic alchool, computer control mechanism
175 x 300 x 20 cm

Flowing Water
stainless steel, glass, water, pump
250 x 110 x 75 cm

195 x 60 x 60 cm
Untitled (Stack with water)
stainless steel, water, pump

Fire Between Water
stainless steel, pump, nozzles, sensor, butane, computer control mechanism
90 x 200 x 200 cm

Zero… is pleased to present Fontane, the first solo exhibition in Italy of works by Jeppe Hein. Through investigating the forms of this universal decorative element, Hein's work disturbs the viewers' assumptions with installations and sculptures that deliberately, but often playfully, induce doubts and confusion.

Widely deployed in Egyptian temple and in Roman architecture, in renaissance and baroque gardens fountains became central features. Christian allegory made much use of the concept of the fountain, specifically the Fountain of Life, associated with the rebirth that was intended to be experienced at the Baptismal font. On the other side, Fountain is also the title of one of the most famous of Duchamp's ready-made sculptures, a standard urinal, laid flat on its back and signed with a pseudonym, 'R. Mutt 1917’.

Three works in the main space: Flowing Water, Ball on Top of Water  and Fireslide. In the first one a filigree stainless steel construction offers the aesthetical experience of a constant water flow. Ball on Top of Wateris a vertical structure made of four walls of mirror spy glass. Inside this form, a white plastic ball is shot in the air by a fountain shooting up from a nozzle: the ball seems to dance on the fountain and is reflected from the inner sides in a multiplied and infinite vision.Fireslidecombines the formal reduction of a minimal construction with the spectacular qualities of an unexpected process, playing with the ambiguity and the combination of two seemingly contradicting elements such as water and fire.

In the corridor Untitled (Stack with Water),an homage to Donald Judd’s work from 1968/69, where the artistchallenges the viewer to reconsider the concepts of boredom, monotony, and repetition. Finally, on the balcony, Fire between Water, where, in a water basin integrated in a table-likeconstruction, two jets are directed towards each other forming a water arc together; at their meeting point a flame is burning out of the sputtering water.

The show is a study of modernist aesthetic, taking it from exclusivity and elitism, and rendering it playful and informal. Through a new codification of structural elements abstractions and a reinterpretations of iconic artworks, the artist invites a dialogue which considers the interplay of interpretation, experience and association. His ability to incorporate spectators and viewers as integral components of his artistic praxis is what makes his genre-less work so unique.

Gyonata Bonvicini

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